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The Story Continues...

The story of Jesus. It has been over 50 years since this story was last told in musical form. So much has changed since then.
Our culture, our society and our politics are not the same. But the story and the truth it contains never changes. And never
has our world needed a more powerful reminder of love, peace and mercy. It's time to tell the story again.
The Last Adam is an original, re-telling of Jesus for a new generation. A generation that wants to understand forgiveness, restoration, and hope.
The Last Adam pulls no punches in revealing the people in the story as flawed, messy, and searching for the truth.
But by seeing their weaknesses, we can recognize them in ourselves. We can learn that even in our darkest times, the light still shines.

The Writers

George Livings & Jonathan Hickey

George and Jonathan have been writing together for over 20 years. They first met at The Holyland Experience where they wrote their first show together, Centurion. From there they wrote numerous shows for The Holyland Experience during their 8 year stay. It was there that they wrote the performed the concert version of The Last Adam in 2008, the beginning of this journey. They have been commissioned to write shows and songs for various companies over the years. Even writing 8 children's musicals, in which two of them are published. They continue to write together  and continue to push the creative boundaries so they can tell familiar stories in a new way.

Latest News

Rehearsals began on January 4th. We open in Orlando on February 22nd. Stay  tuned for ticket information.
Tickets are now on sale! Go to our ticket page to reserve your ticket today.

How Can You Help Us

1545 Productions is partnering with First Baptist Church of Orlando to produce the first leg of the 2024 tour. This will be a life changingexperience for people who will get to experience this production. If you want to be a part of a movement that seeks to tell a story of Love, Hope and Forgiveness then join us today.

Watch the Concert

Click on the latest videos and demos from our concert in June 2023.


Mary Magdalene and Judas
Mary and Judas find comfort in each other as they try to understand the world they are living in.

Judgment Day Pt. 2

After realizing that he has betrayed his friend, Judas can see no way ahead.

My Son

Mother Mary
After Jesus dies on the cross, his Mother cradles him in her arms and sings to her son.

Show us a Miracle

Nemuel, Jesus and Company
After reading from the scroll of Isaiah, Jesus stirs up anger in the town of Nazareth.